Monday, October 25, 2010

MCD Annual Gala - 7th November 2010



Post taken from MCD website,......... :)

" It is almost the end of the year!! How time files! We had a wonderful time at the Parade of Cultures. Thank you everyone for visiting our stall and supporting the Malaysian Club. We sold almost for 12 hours and our food was completely sold out!!

We also threw a farewell party for the Consul General and MCD Patron, En. Saiful. We thank him for his contributions and tireless support for the Malaysian Club. We shall miss him and his family dearly.

We are now planning for the upcoming event, MCD Annual Gala (7th Nov in Marriot Hotel). Reservations can be done online or you could fax us your reservations. The theme for the Gala this year is "Deepavali" which is apt since it falls on the month of November as well. So bring out your Sari and dance the day away ....

Highlights of Gala: Our celebrity chef from Malaysia...Chef Ismail is back to cook us a storm!! Grand Prize is a trip to Malaysia sponsored by Malaysia Airlines!! Plenty of entertainment and festival shows!! ...the list goes on... "

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